The Weirdos

We are Joshua and Tiffany King. We are weirdos searching for the truth about the strangest creature sightings and events happening all over the globe. We are on a mission to document and inform other weirdos like ourselves and want to build a community where you can find interesting information and items which can spice up an otherwise dull home. We have a blast creating mugs, shirts and other items for you to use in your daily lives as they help to support the time we commit to this journey we are on for you. We have many plans for the future including a podcast and YouTube channel where we explore different USA wildernesses. We look forward to getting to know you and we will see you soon.

  • Tiffany King

    I am Tiffany. It's nice to meet other weirdos like myself. I am the website designer behind Weirdology and I do some of the research based writings in our blog. My favorite cryptids include Nessie the Loch Ness monster and the big hairy guy Bigfoot but I love discovering new facts I didn't know about before.

  • Joshua King

    I am Joshua. It is great to get to know others who, like myself, are fascinated with the unknown. I am an avid seeker of the truth behind the strange events all over and I scour the internet and library's searching for new information. My favorite mystery is that of Bigfoot and I am getting out to nature anytime I can to search for clues.