Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot

The Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot

The Beginners Guide to Bigfoot is an introduction to what Bigfoot is and the evidence supporting its existence. In the past there were very little options for people claiming to see strange things. People were left internalizing the things they saw or being ridiculed if they did speak out.
We love to get out in nature through hiking, camping, and other activities. While we have never seen anything we would call Bigfoot we have heard some strange noises like breaking branches, wood knocks, and screams or howls. Most recently we were in the Idyllwild and heard some strange screaming sounds. Now these hills are in no way isolated as they sit in the middle of Riverside County in Southern California but they are said to be the home of the Idyllbeast. 

So What Exactly is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is said to be a creature resembling both man and ape which stands tall with a protruding brow and long arms reaching down to the knees. Some say it looks like an ape and others like a man and a few even say neanderthal.
This creature is said to live deep in the woods and has been sighted all over the world for centuries and is depicted in the folklore of many cultures both new and old. 

Where did they come from?

Some say Bigfoot are gigantopithecus who evolved along side humans and learned to hide from us while some say it is a new species which has yet to be documented. They have been connected through sightings to UFOs, Orbs, Dogman, and other strange occurrences which leads some to believe they are paranormal beings. 

Why is Research is Not Definitive?

Due to the level of ridicule witnesses used to face and some still face, credible witnesses are reluctant to speak up. There have also been multiple people who have purposefully forged fake photos and other evidence, such as footprints made by carved wooden feet. These have lead experts to believe that all evidence is faked or fake evidence was found by those who didn't know it was fake. 

Many also believe that Sasquatch is a spiritual being which has either cloaking ability or the ability to travel between realms. Now this theory is the most intriguing to me as it is what many native tribes believe.

Sasquatch and the First People

There is a documentary called Sasquatch’n which I recommend everyone interested in this topic watch. It gave me a new perspective, not just on what Sasquatch is, but also my approach to the subject. It is a sacred creature to the First People.

Sasquatch is known to the First People as the Guardian of the Forests and Mountains, the link between humans and the balance of nature. His increased sightings is seen as a warning to us that we are out of balance and need to work together to save the world we live on.

When the Sasquatch allows you to see her, as they believe her to be female, either in the forest or in your visions or dreams it is said to be a blessing. Prayers should be given if your given this opportunity and your should heed the warning given.

Types of Ape-Men from Around the World

  • Honey Island Swamp Monster
  • Skunk Ape
  • Yowi
  • Yeti
  • Yeren
  • Orang Pangdek
  • Aswang
  • Sheepsquatch
  • Batsquatch
  • Grassman
  • Yuka Man
  • Idlebeast
  • Ozark Howler
  • Yahoo
  • Rock Ape
  • Raven Mocker
  • Ashman
  • Great Fire Ape
  • Thunder Brothers
  • Lightening Man
  • Squalling Savage
  • Stoneish Giant
  • Silver Giant
  • Ucumar
  • Vasitri
  • Wildman
  • Big Devil
  • Hairy Man of the Woods
  • Hibagon
  • Grootslang
  • Almasti
  • Troglodyte
  • Wood Booger



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