Beginner's Guide to Dogman

Beginner's Guide to Dogman

Dogman is one of the most terrifying of the cryptids. Much like the classic werewolf, the dogman is a humanoid wolf around six to seven feet which walks on two legs and its descriptions are sometimes reminiscent of Anubis. It is often described with broad shoulders and has the ability to go from 2 feet to four. 

Sightings occur primarily in the East Northern Central states like Michigan and Wisconsin but some sightings have occurred as far away as Southern California. Some people have also reported their Dogman as a type of pack leader. Saying that he was seen with multiple wolves or feral dogs but only the one had the ability to stand up and run like a man.

Researchers have multiple theories about what the people are actually seeing. One of the theories is that it is just a regular wolf which has a disability causing it to have to walk on two legs. Another theory is that it is a new evolution in the wolf species affecting a very small percentage of their population. Some even say that it is a misidentified black bear.

While science is trying to come up with an explanation which can fit these sightings into a box science can already explain many believe the creature to be supernatural in origin. Many encounters with this beast claim that it has an intelligence which is higher than any wild animal would be. 

Some of the most famous versions of the creature include the Michigan Dogman and the Beast of Bray Road which we will cover in future.


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