Beginner's Guide to Aliens

Beginner's Guide to Aliens

Since the beginning of time humans have been fascinated with the stars and whether or not we are the one sentient beings living among them. There are countless planets which lie in the Goldilocks zone around the stars they orbit which aliens could potentially inhabit. There are many theories surrounding the presence of alien life and I do plan on going into more detail on some of those down the line as I gather more Information on them. I will try to briefly describe some of the big ones here however.

Ancient Aliens

This is a theory in which some believe that ancient civilizations like the Mayans and Egyptians were visited by extraterrestrial beings who gave them the knowledge of advanced technology and other galactic secrets. 

Cattle Mutilations

One of the most strange phenomena surrounding aliens includes the mutilation of animals, most famously, cattle. There are numerous reports from a multitude of sources stating the appearance of cattle which are cut open as though a surgical instrument were involved and multiple reports of the corpses appearing bloodless after or before sightings of strange lights in the sky.

In the 1970’s the FBI investigated animal and cattle mutilations in some western and Midwestern states but only when they occurred on Indian lands because of jurisdiction issues. 

The Lovette-Cunningham incident was when an alleged American Air Force Sergeant was abducted by an aircraft and later found dissected in the desert (Bertram, 2020). Supposedly, this was investigated by one of the earliest research teams tasked with looking into unidentified flying objects, ProjectGrunge, which was maned by the Air Force (Bertram, 2020).

Recently in Oregon there were six mutilated cows found over a seven day period which were missing their utters (Andrews, 2021). The utters appear to be removed with surgical precision along with the reproductive organs without damaging the other internal systems (Andrews, 2021). The rotting bodies of the cows have had little predator activity which is strange for the area. 

Sightings with Bigfoot

Orbs or Lights in the sky have been reported with Bigfoot encounters. This has lead to many different theories about how Bigfoot connects to Aliens, UFO's, or bizarre light anomalies. 


There are multiple reports which have lead specialists to believe that if reports are true that there may be a number of different species of aliens in the cosmos. 

  • Greys
  • Reptilians
  • Hybrids
  • Nordics

These are the most popular species but I will be adding more as I come across them in my research. 


There are countless reports of people being taken up in to space ships and "studied" then being returned to earth. Some claim to remember the time they spent in the craft, while others claim no memory.

One of the most famous reports of abduction is that of couple Betty and Barney Hill. They were traveling through New Hampshire in 1961 and claimed that in a rural area they lost 2 hours of time and in that time they traveled more miles than would have been reasonable for a normal traveler. 

Travis Walton is another heavily publicized case of potential alien abduction. He was supposed to have been a logger who got hit in front of coworkers by this ray of light which sucked him into light. After this he was supposed to have gone missing for several days then he mysteriously reappeared after this time and he reported strange experiences which seem congruent with other abduction stories.  

Recent History

In 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a businessman in Washington claimed to see nine objects flying at high speed through the airspace near Mount Rainier (Shostak, 2021). Thus kicking off the phenomena know as UFO sightings. Project Grunge was replaced by Project Sign within a year and in 1952 it was replaced with Project Blue Book which was headquartered at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and is the longest lived of the official inquiries into UFO’s as they compiled data on over 12,000 sightings and events until around 1969 (Shostak, 2021). 


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